When times are uncertain the most astute investors realize that this is the time to take advantage of market conditions. At Perfect Options the team focuses on spot trading the most popular mineable crypto coins and at the same time takes advantage of the volatile forex market.

The focus on mineable coins allows the analysts to not only take advantage of the technical and fundamentals of trading, but the volume produced at any certain time with reference to the technical and fundamental aspect provides analysts a further tool in predicting the direction of the particular crypto currency. As the CEO Egil Larson was quoted " Mineable crypto currencies are an amazing tool as their volume at which they are mined give's a great insight as to the type of investment vehicle that should be attached to them". By understanding which investment vehicle should be attached to a particular crypto currency, Perfect Options provides various trading options which can than be applied. 

As markets and confidence plunge, analysts must focus on the asset which has the most volume and an asset that has intrinsic value. Bitcoin in particular is a service commodity whose intrinsic value depends on its ability to create a trusted network based on mathematics. It will eventually function as a store of value and as a means of payment, even though that might not be the case today. These assets like Bitcoin, not only possess market volume and intrinsic value, but they provide investment purpose even if there own value starts to decrease. As Egil Larsen goes on to say " Whether markets are going up or down, we look for an asset class that can always fit into one of our investment vehicles. Therefore market conditions only act as a precursor for a choice of investment vehicles to choose from". 

In conclusion, providing the right assets to invest in with the right investment options is what keeps people white listing with the market leader Perfect Options! 

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This article was published on 21.04.2020 by Edvard Morten