Current market conditions are placing pressure on our retirement investments

The obvious question is than posed, how do we protect our retirement portfolio?”
— Kris Angel


OSLO, NORWAY, April 20, 2020 / -- As the world is coming to terms with the world wide covid-19 pandemic, people are asking the question which is currently very relevant and that is " What will happen to my retirement investments"? As Oil heads to under $2 a barrel, investors are starting to question the reliance to traditional investments and investors are starting to look to diversify into areas that seemed to be more risky or simply areas where the investor had little knowledge of the investment vehicle.

For years we have been told that we need to look at blue chip investments and governments securities and bonds as our initial choices, of course commodities like gold,oil,silver etc... But when these asset classes are exposed as they have been many times through out our modern history and not to mention right now during this pandemic, how do we still keep focusing on these investment vehicles when they seem to be the first to collapse at the first sign of financial pressure? The answer is that the system is structured to promote these investments through or institutions and also our media and they are the first that will be bailed out in any sign of financial distress, while the average Joe will be left with a retirement investment that is almost worthless!

The obvious question is than posed, how do we protect our retirement portfolio? The answer is that we must start to educate ourselves and also create an investment portfolio which not only diversifies, but is able to continue to grow and to pay dividends even during times of a pandemic.

Therefore, future portfolio's must include low risk Forex and Crypto Currency diversification. They must also include areas which circumvent the status quo of investing to be able to flourish in pandemic times. The 2008 gave us a financial crisis and 2020 has delivered a pandemic, therefore with levels of importance and sustainability our future portfolio's should include assets classes and investment vehicle's that can withstand a Pandemic and have the ability to see you coming out of the Pandemic as a front runner and not as an unfortunate regurgitation of the status quo!

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