$10k to a Million!

Vtech Trading Engine

Perfect Options is for the first time introducing our signature trading engine which has been used for numerous White Labels solutions worldwide! We are pleased to present to the retail market our Vtech Trading Engine! This is a spot forex trading engine that has for the last 12 years provided amazing profits to our partners in all industries! Now for the first time we are offering all our clients the opportunity to turn $10k into a Million in the space of 12 months!

How Does the Vtech Engine Work?

Our signature trading engine Vtech is a Forex Bot which is based on the most advanced technical Indicators and on manually imputed fundamental analysis and has been tested by some of the world's most astute mathematicians and Forex Traders. The result is an explosive trend analysis bot which spot's reversals and continuation of trends!

We are now offering Retail Clients for the first time to take advantage of what only institutional organisations have at their disposal for earning millions of dollars!! Ask your self the question, in trading Forex who are you trading against? The Answer is the worlds main banks! This is a 5 Trillion dollar daily business and you need to have a system or bot that trades just like the banks do, because 84.5% of retail traders who lose money trading forex are losing against the banks and against their trend creation!

That's why if you are serious about earning money in Forex, you need to be in a program which uses a Bot just like the banks do, you need our Vtech Trading Solution!

How do I join?

The program "$10k to financial Freedom" is as the caption mentions, you need to invest $10k into the program to qualify! Yes that's a lot of money and so is $1million! That's why we are giving Retail Clients the chance to also Qualify without having $10k!

That's right for approved retail clients, we will fund you a $10k account using our Vtech Trading engine and it will run for 12 months, to take ownership of the account you need to become an approved affiliate and we will provide you instructions how to start!

Request Account Funding Qualify for $10K Account
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